Discipleship Is Dedication

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In a recent episode of Kingdom Talks, we had the privilege of sitting down with Pitana Mutana, a dedicated missionary. He shared his incredible journey from Rwanda to North America. Pitana discussed how an unexpected event with an audio Bible led him to a profound encounter with Christ. He emphasized the significance of immersing oneself in scripture, the role of fellowship, and the holistic approach to feeding the spirit, soul, and body.

One of the most compelling aspects of Pitana’s story is how he came to give his life to Jesus. In 2004, someone played an audio Bible. Although he wasn’t actively listening, the scriptures began to penetrate his heart. Growing up Catholic, Pitana believed in God but lacked a deep connection to the word of God. The audio Bible changed that, and he experienced a profound transformation within a few weeks. The rap music he once enjoyed became unbearable, and he felt a new desire for the scriptures.

Pitana explains that the true sign of being born again is a newfound hunger for the word of God. Just as a newborn baby instinctively desires milk, a born-again Christian craves the scriptures. This desire for the word of God clearly indicates the Holy Spirit’s presence in one’s life.

It is important to recognize that the Bible is not just a regular book; it is a spiritual food that nourishes the soul and spirit. After experiencing salvation, new believers should make it a priority to deeply engage with the word of God, connect with other believers, and actively participate in prayer. These practices are crucial for spiritual development and effective discipleship.

The discussion also touches on the concept of making disciples of all nations, as commanded by Jesus in Matthew 28:19. The episode explores the significance of discipleship, which Pitana describes as the process of becoming like Jesus. Discipleship requires sacrifice and a willingness to forsake all to follow the teachings of Christ. It’s not just about being a student to learn but about being deeply committed to becoming like the master. This means that a disciple no longer belongs to themselves but to Jesus, who purchased them with His blood. The episode highlights how discipleship transcends physical boundaries, with the Holy Spirit guiding and connecting believers.

The discussion on discipleship delves deeper into what it means to truly follow Jesus Christ. Pitana explains that discipleship involves a dedication to becoming like Jesus in every aspect of life, from thoughts and actions to works and interactions. He emphasizes that the Bible is not just a religious text but a holistic manual for life, guiding believers in every context, whether at work, home, or church. This perspective challenges the common notion that discipleship is confined to church settings, emphasizing that it encompasses all areas of life. Pitana also addresses the idea of discipling from a distance, using Paul’s ministry as an example. He explains that the Holy Spirit can connect believers and facilitate discipleship even when physical proximity is not possible.

As the episode comes to an end, Pitana encourages believers to see every interaction as an opportunity for ministry, whether in a church, at work, or in everyday life. He explains that salvation is not about cleaning up one’s act but about believing in Jesus, who took the sins of the world upon Himself. Believing in Him can save anyone and experience a transformed life. He points out that God does not hold people’s sins against them because of Jesus’ sacrifice. True transformation, he stresses, can only occur through accepting Jesus, as personal efforts to become a good person are ultimately futile. The episode concludes with a heartfelt prayer for listeners, asking for softened hearts and the Holy Spirit’s conviction to lead them toward embracing Jesus’ love and sacrifice. This prayer captures the essence of the episode, aiming to inspire and encourage listeners in their faith journey, emphasizing the transformative power of scripture, prayer, and discipleship.

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