Help From Man Versus Help From God

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Help from Man versus Help from God

Psalms 60:11 (NKJV) Give us help from trouble,

For the help of man is useless.

The above verse says that man’s help is in vain. To understand what the help of man is, let us look at this scripture in different Bible versions.

” O Give us help against the adversary, for vain (ineffectual and to no purpose) is the help or salvation of man” – Psalm 60:11 (Amp)

The amplified Bible version shows that man’s help against an adversary is in vain. In other words, man’s help against an adversary is ineffectual and serves no purpose.

“Give us help for the hard task; human help is worthless” – Psalm 60:11 (MSG)

The Message bible version shows that human help against a challenging task is worthless.

“Give us aid against the enemy, for the help of man is worthless” – Psalm 60:11 (NIV)

The NIV Bible version shows that when it comes to fighting the enemy, human help is worthless.

” Oh, please help us against our enemies, for all human help is useless.” – Psalm 60:11 (NLT)

The NLT Bible version shows that man’s help against the enemies is useless.

It is apparent from these various Bible translations that seeking help from man against an adversary is vain, worthless and useless. Also, it shows that man’s help against difficult tasks is worthless. When trouble arises, man’s help is worthless against adversaries. Therefore, man’s help is in vain, worthless, and useless when it comes to trouble, adversaries, enemies, and hard tasks. The help of man is vain in that it means unproductive success. The help of man can not produce success. It is not trustworthy. It’s nothing. The help of man is worthless. Worthless means lacking in usefulness or value. Human assistance has no value. It has no usefulness. There is no worth to it. It has no significance. Man’s help is useless. Useless means something that does not have any use or is incapable of functioning. It has no use and can’t be used. As a result, man’s help in dealing with trouble, adversaries, enemies, and hard tasks has no value or usefulness and cannot function effectively.

Help from God

“O give us help….” Who is this being asked help?

Verse 12 shows who this person is and what his help does.

” Through God, we shall do valiantly: for he it is that shall tread down enemies”. (Psalm 60:12)

The psalmist is seeking help from God. Why does the psalmist ask for God’s help but not men?

To understand what God’s help does let’s also look at this verse of Psalm 60:12, in different Bible versions.

“Through God, we shall do valiantly, for he it is Who shall tread down our adversaries.” – Psalm 69:12 (AMP)

In the Amplified Bible version above, you can see that you do valiantly through God.

“With God’s help, we will do mighty things, for he will trample down foes” – Psalm 60:12 (NLT)

This version shows that with the help of God, you can accomplish great things.

“With God, we will gain the victory, and he will trample down our enemies” – Psalm 60:12 (NIV)

Using this Bible version, you understand that God will provide victory if you rely on him. God’s help grants victory to those who seek it.

“With God we’ll do our very best, he’ll flatten the opposition for good” – Psalm 60:12 (MSG)

The message version shows that when you have God, you will do your best.

With God and his help on your side, you will do valiantly; you will do your very best; you will do mighty things and you will gain victory. How does he help you? From this verse of Psalm 60:12 in the Bible version above, you can see that he does three things. First, he treads down our enemies and foes. Second, he tramples down our adversaries, and third, he flattens the opposition for good. Tread, trample and flatten; what do these words mean? Tread means to crush as is by treading on; putting down or pressing the foot; or placing the foot. God treads down your adversaries. This means that he puts the adversaries under his feet, places his feet and presses them. He also walks over those adversaries. God treads over adversaries so that you may do valiantly. Trample means injure by trampling or as if by trampling; walk on and flatten, stomp heavily or roughly. God tramples down our foes or enemies; This means he walks stepping on them and exacting his full weight until they are injured and flattened. God tramples down foes and enemies so that you may do mighty things and gain victory. The act of flattening means to make them flat or flatter and to have them become flat or flatter You either become flat or you are made to be flat. God flattens opposition for good. In other words, God makes the opposition flat or the opposition becomes flat when they see him. God flattens every opposition so that you may do your very best. The best of you may manifest forth. You choose whom you need help from. May the Lord help you to remember that you cannot do anything with your strength and power and others.  May God teach you how to be dependent on Him always. May God help you when you encounter trouble, challenges, adversaries, and difficult tasks, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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