In The Beginning God. Let God Be Your Beginning 

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 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. (Genesis 1:1)

In the beginning, God. In other words, God must be the beginning and in the beginning. So let God be your beginning and in that beginning in each and everything you do. Even though you are born again, you are a gospel minister in a different capacity as per the grace of God and his giftings upon your life, and this does not automatically grant God the permission to be at the beginning and in the beginning of your undertakings. On an individual level, it is your primary duty to seek God, then make him your beginning so that he may be in your beginning.

The amplified bible version says, ” In the beginning, God (prepared, formed, fashioned, and) created the heavens and the earth” ( Genesis 1:1). Any time God is the beginning of anything, he must create. He has to improve it, beautify it, decorate it and make it admirable. This bible version says God when he is at the beginning, he will prepare, he will form, he will fashion, and he finishes by creating. How beautiful can a thing be when God is the beginning and at the beginning of it? When he is allowed, honoured and obeyed throughout the process, the end result and product is wow! When God is the author of your undertakings, there will be active creation in what you are doing.

The message bible says, ” First this: God created the Heavens and the Earth– all you see, all you don’t see”(Genesis 1:1, MSG). First, in the beginning, God. When God is first, at the beginning and in the beginning, you will see active creations in your life, ministry, career and undertakings.

In other words, let what you are doing be God authored, not men. Let its source be God, not men. Let it be God ordained, not men ordained only. What God begins through you; when you commit it to him and follow his leadings and instructions, he will bring it to completion.

Now, this is the beginning of the year and the month. Is God the beginning of the year and month? Is God first? Is God your author of this year? Is he at the beginning? Is God in the beginning of your year and month? If yes, be sure of some new creations in your life and undertakings. If No, let the Holy Spirit guide you how. This will help you to make him first, the beginning, and he will be in the beginning.

Prayer & Meditation

Father, in Jesus’s Name, help me make you first in all my life and undertakings. The Holy Spirit of God guides me and leads me to make God first and the beginning of what I am doing. I want you in my beginning to be actively involved in creating my life and undertakings in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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