The price of godly leadership is personal character.

Until you find your purpose, you have no significance to humanity

Our purpose in life is our due responsibility and obligation in the service of humanity

Link yourself to the permanence of God’s Word and line with eternal verities.

God will bless the works of your hands, not the words of your mouth.

A decision to live for God is a choice. A determination to live for God is a process.

There is a time element as well as a trust element in God’s promises.

The Scripture is the law of our life, the arbitrator of our conscience, the ruler of our will, the love of our heart and food for our thoughts.

The Bible gives us a frame of reference outside ourselves, it points us to someone bigger than our circumstances that’s God.

God is not dead, He is not asleep, His silence is not the silence of indifference but the silence of infinite patience.