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In our latest episode, we explore the importance and impact of hope. The episode takes listeners on a journey from skepticism to belief, offering a fresh perspective on the difference between everyday hope and the assured hope found in the Bible. Our guest, Chet Gladkowski, shares a message of hope for today’s world, which desperately needs it.

Despite being exposed to religious teachings from a young age, Chet found himself in a phase where he blamed God for all his problems and pain. It wasn’t until his friend Michael shared a message of God’s love in an unlikely setting – a parking lot – that Chet started to see the possibility of a loving God. The story doesn’t end there. Chet recalls a significant experience in a church boiler room where he knelt with two friends and fully accepted Jesus’ sacrifice and forgiveness.

This chapter of his life highlights the concept of biblical hope, which Chet describes as a confident assurance rather than everyday hope, which can be uncertain and fluctuating, biblical hope is rooted in the unchanging nature of God and His promises.

The episode delves into the essential role of hope in our lives, emphasizing that hope is an intrinsic part of being created in God’s image. Chet’s experience underscores the importance of hope, a central theme in his books. He defines biblical hope not as wishful thinking but as solid, unwavering trust in God’s promises. This hope is more reliable than any earthly assurance, providing a foundation that can withstand life’s toughest challenges. His writings on hope, born out of a dark period living in his mother-in-law’s basement during the pandemic, have resonated with many, offering comfort and guidance in uncertain times.

According to Chet, acknowledging our need for hope is the first step in rebuilding it. This process involves admitting our weaknesses, embracing continuous learning, and being part of a supportive community. The discussion highlights that each person has a unique message of hope to offer, and sharing this hope is a vital aspect of the Christian faith. We also touch on the ongoing journey of faith, where continuous repentance and the promise of God’s forgiveness play crucial roles. The conversation underscores that living a life of hope and forgiveness is not about following a set of steps but about embracing a lifelong journey with Jesus. Chet shares valuable resources to support this journey, including his upcoming book release focused on hope.

One of the key takeaways from the episode is the importance of sharing hope with others. Chet explains that receiving hope is just one part of the equation; the other part is actively giving hope to those around us. This involves listening to people’s pain, understanding their struggles, and offering the hope that comes from knowing Jesus. Chet’s insights provide a practical guide for anyone looking to be a beacon of hope in a world often filled with despair. Chet emphasized the dual responsibility of receiving and giving hope in our conversation. He believes that hope is something to be cherished personally and shared with others. This act of sharing hope, he says, is a way of fulfilling God’s purpose and spreading His love to those in need.

As we wrap up the episode, Chet leads us in a heartfelt prayer, celebrating the sacrificial love of Jesus, His resurrection, and the hope of His return. This prayer serves as a reminder that our hope in Jesus is not just for our comfort but also for sharing with a world in need.

Whether you’re struggling with doubt or looking to deepen your faith, Chet’s story offers valuable insights and encouragement. Don’t miss this heartfelt conversation filled with hope, faith, and the assurance of Jesus’ sacrificial love. Visit his website for more resources on hope and faith, including Chet’s upcoming book. There, you’ll find various materials designed to support your faith journey, including daily devotionals and other hope-based resources.

Tune in to hear Chet Gladkowski’s inspiring journey and discover how you, too can find and share hope in your life.

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