The Lord Is My Light And My Salvation

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“The LORD is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; Of whom shall I be afraid?” (Psalm 27:1).

You may be in a situation that is indescribable. Gloominess surrounds you. There is no light at all. Even during the day, when the sun is up, darkness surrounds you. When you switch on the light in the house, the electric light and sunshine light cannot dispel the darkness that is surrounding you.

You may be in this condition until everything you do and see, you passive it through the eyes and mind of darkness. Nothing seems to be bright. No light at all. Every encounter is darkness to you. Every word you hear from people creates more darkness in your life and situation than light. This has led you to be feeding on tears. Tears are your daily bread (Psalm 42:3). No joy. No happiness. No more strength. Fear all over. These words may not fully describe what you are passing through.

Maybe the doctor, through diagnosing you, has given you the report that has caused fear that has led to darkness in your life. Your job being terminated may have caused the darkness you are experiencing. Your spouse walking out of your house and life may have caused this darkness. There is no hope. There is no light. There is no strength.

You may be in the midst of your darkness and uncontrollable strong cries, which leads to tears flowing like the river Nile from your tears ( Lamentations 2:18). This may be your situation and conditions, but it is not you. Keep this in mind weeping only endures for a night, but joy comes in the morning ( Psalm 30:5). Your morning is on your doorsteps. You must understand that the darkest hour of the night is the one nearing dawn. Now, this darkest hour now is a sign that dawn is nearing.

No man can lighten your situation. The Bible says that Jesus is the light of the world ( John 8:12). Allow Jesus to step into your condition and situation. Allow him to come in as Lord. Embrace him as Lord. When Jesus steps into your situation and condition as Lord, then and only then will you see his light shining into your life. This will lead you to explode in praises, “The Lord is my light and my salvation; who shall I fear.” It’s only when you allow Jesus in your situation as Lord that fear disappears. Fear is a spirit that fears the Lordship of Jesus. Jesus is light, while fear is darkness. Once Jesus, the Lord of light, steps in, fear the master of darkness is cast out. Now allow Jesus, who is the light of the world, into your situation in order to lighten it.

Fear brings in darkness and sup up all your strength. But when you allow Jesus as light in your situation, darkness is cast out, and you receive new strength. In the end, you will shout out, “the Lord is the strength of my life of whom shall I be afraid.”

When you allow Jesus to become your Lord and salvation, then fear disappears. Darkness is dispelled because Jesus is the light of the whole world. Then you receive new strength because the Lord becomes your strength. Tears are dried up. Your mind, eyes, and heart are lightened. Darkness in life comes to an end. The conditions and situations that were unbearable become bearable, for Christ takes over them ( Matthew 11:28–29). Hope enters. Hopelessness comes to an end.

Now brethren, Allow Jesus to become your Lord and saviour. Let him navigate your life in each situation. Allow and submit to his Lordship and see victory. Once you allow Jesus to be Lord of all, then when the wicked, even your enemies and foes, come upon you to eat up your flesh, they stumble and fall, ( Psalm 27:2). And also when the host encamps against you, your heart shall not fear; even if war should arise against you, you will be confident ( Psalm 27:3). Why? Because Lord Jesus is Lord over all.

It Is only when Jesus became the Lord over all that your despair and Hopelessness dissipate in thin air. Jesus will become the hope of glory, and your life will be full of Hope. Nothing will ever shake you. No darkness. No hopelessness, only Jesus, the hope of glory reigning and giving you hope.

Prayer And Meditation

Father in Jesus’ name, I confess that Jesus, you are my Lord. I believe God raised you from the dead. Thank you for saving me. Thank you for becoming my Lord and saviour. Thank you, Jesus, for becoming my Light, my salvation, and my strength. I will fear no one. I will be afraid of nothing, in Jesus’s name. Amen.

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