You Are Untouchable

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“For thus saith the Lord of hosts:…… for he that touches you touches the apple of his eye “ (Zachariah 2:8, ESV).

Now the apple of an eye here simply means the pupil of an eye. The pupil of an eye is the contractile aperture in the center of the iris of the eye; resembles a large black dot. You know how you guard your eye. You know how God has made the natural mechanism to guard the eye. You cannot allow someone’s finger to touch the iris. It is so much protected. The way the pupil of your eye is protected is how you are protected. The way you cannot allow someone or any foreign thing to touch the pupil of your eye is how God protects you so that you may not be touched.

Understand what God is saying. That any person or thing that touches you touches the pupil of his ( God’s) eye. Then, see how you are protected. This is because you are dear and important to God.

First, you are protected by the presence of God. For anything to touch the pupil of God’s eye, it must come before him. It must come in his presence. Understand this in God’s presence; no unholy thing can stand. Because the devil and all his hosts are unholy, the presence of God will keep them from you. They can’t come close to touching God’s eye. Because you are God’s pupil, you can’t be touched. Leave alone being harmed. No devil and all his evil can touch you. You are protected by the presence of God. You are untouchable.

Second, you are protected by fire. Revelation 1:14 says, For “….his ( God’s) eyes are as a flame of fire”. So you are protected by the fire that comes from God’s eyes. Because God is a consuming fire, the fire his eyes emit consumes everything that tries to destroy and attack you. He who touches you touches God”s pupil. You are the apple of God’s eye. The pupil of the eye is the one that emits the fire. Thus the fire that God emits through you destroys the enemies. Fear not! You are untouchable.

Third, you are protected by his dwelling place. The scriptures say that God dwells in unapproachable light ( 1 Timothy 6:16). His dwelling place is unapproachable light. The light that surrounds his dwelling place, no one can approach it. Therefore nothing can approach him to touch you, who is the apple of his eye. Be anxious for nothing. You are untouchable. Nothing can approach God’s dwelling place with the aim of touching his pupil, which is you. Glory to God! You are untouchable.

Because nothing can pass through all the three protected around God and his dwelling in order to touch his pupil, nothing can touch you. You are the pupil of God’s eye. As God’s pupil is untouchable, so you are untouchable. You are the eye of God’s eye that no one has a right to can come closer to touch. Even the angel of God cannot touch you unless allowed by God Himself. Hallelujah! You are untouchable.

Beloved, once you are born again. You are saved. You are a believer know that you are a child of God. Not only a child of God but a beloved child of God. Therefore you are protected. There is no discussion about that. You are untouchable. No one can deny that. Whoever touches you, he will be touching the pupil of the eye of God. Because no one can approach God and touch the pupil of his eye, therefore no one can reach you and touch you to harm you. Praise God! You are untouchable.

In Deuteronomy, the bible shows how God protects you as the apple of his eye. The Bible says,” He found him in a desert land, and in the howling waste of the wilderness; he encircled him, he cared for him, he kept him as the apple of his eye.” ( Deuteronomy 32:10, ESV)

Here God shows how he guards you When he makes reference to the pupil of the eye. Just as the pupil of the eye is closely guarded against harm, so God protects you. First, he searches you and finds you in desperate places and positions. This is being — born again. Accepting Jesus as Lord and saviour. Second, after salvation, he encircled you ( Zachariah 2:5). Third, after building a wall of fire around you, then cares for you. Lastly, he keeps you as the apple of his eyes. My brother and sister trust God. Put your hope in God. Hope that is placed in God does not ashamed ( Romans 5:5). Put your faith and hope in God, knowing that you are untouchable.

Confess it to yourself. Speak it out. Brag in this knowledge and truth of God’s word. Hold unto it. See it as a reality. Speak it always. Declare it “ I am untouchable because he who touches me touches the pupil of God’s eye.” And because no one can approach God to touch the pupil of his eye, “ I am untouchable.” Glory!

Prayer and Meditation.

Thank you, father, for your protection. For whoever touches me, whether for good or evil, touches the apple of your eye. Therefore I declare I am untouchable for no one and nothing can touch the pupil of your eye, which I am; in Jesus’s mighty name. Amen.

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